Online Training for Contractors & Building Professionals

Here you will find a suite of online training programs that address specific CEP programs that you may be participating in.  

This course was designed for home energy raters and code officials. This course reviews the proper calculation practices for heating and cooling loads using Manual J. This includes information on accurate take-offs of building components and the appropriate variable selections for infiltration, lighting and appliances and duct loads. Specific guidance on the use of Manual S for system selection is also reviewed.

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This course will provide training regarding updates to the Residential New Construction Program. It will review specific program requirements that are critical for compliance with the Energy Star program, including those that have changed with Energy Star Version 3.1 and / or New Jersey’s recent shift to IECC 2015. It will also cover specific program requirements that have consistently been compliance issues for raters and builders. An assessment against the course material is required to be taken and passed in order to complete the training.


This training provides the framework of the program and its components, but there are many details and specifications that go into building a Zero energy ready home. On the DOE website, in addition to the slides, you also have access to detailed webinars including training on comprehensive building science, ducts in conditioned space, efficient hot water distribution, and many others.


In this training we'll describe and demonstrate the combustion safety test procedure for vented appliances using the Building Performance Institute technical standards for the building analyst professional.