DI FAQ Videos

The videos below cover Frequently Asked Questions about the Direct Install program. Everything from how long the entire DI process takes to whether you can have multiple facilities in the program at the same time. The videos are brief, usually well under 1 minute. If you have questions about the DI program, they are most likely covered here.

Is the Incentive Cap Based on the Company Name or Utility Bill?
If We’ve Already Upgraded Lighting, Can We Just Upgrade HVAC?
Can I Participate Again to Replace My Remaining Equipment?
Do I Have to Pay 100% Up Front and Wait for the Incentive?
Can I Keep My Old Lights and HVAC Units?
How Long Does the Approval Process Take?
How are the Projected Savings Calculated?
Is the Audit Free?
Can I Speak to Others that have Used the Program?
How Long is the Warranty on the Work?
Why Does My Project Have to Be Comprehensive?
When Am I Responsible for the 30% Payment?
How Long Does the Entire DI Process Take?
Why Do Costs Go Up Dramatically When a Project is Prevailing Wage?
Why Does Low Usage Make Projects/Measures Not Qualify?
Why Do Some Measures Qualify and Others Don’t?
Do I Have to Change My Energy Supplier?
If I’m Paying for 30% of My Project, Who’s Paying the Rest?
Can I Have Multiple Facilites Serviced at the Same Time?
What Approved Measures Can Be Installed?
Can I Add Lighting/Cooling/Heat to My Building?
Can I Get Incentives for Measures I Just Installed?
Can I Use My Own Contractor?
Where Do the Funds Come From?
How Can My Company Become a DI Contractor?
How Can My Business Participate?