Pay for Performance Frequently Asked Questions
What constitutes program eligibility?
Could gas consumption (therms) be combined with the kW to reach the minimum demand requirements
Is Pay for Performance available for both public and private customers?
To whom are the incentives paid?
Can the incentive payments be assigned to partners?
Are the incentives adjustable or fixed per project?
What if actual post-retrofit savings are higher than estimated?
The payment per kWh and therm saved is for what period?
What incentives can be expected for a multi-building situation?
How much of a reduction in kWh (or therms) is required to receive an incentive?
What are the 15% savings based on?
What are the 15% savings based on?
Can fuel oil reduction be included as savings?
Do other available incentives jeopardize Pay for Performance incentives?
What is the average amount in incentives expected for a typical project?
Do interruptible gas clients qualify for incentives for therms saved?
What if the 15% source savings cannot be met after the audit is performed?
Why are 15% savings not being allowed from a single energy conservation measure?
Can solar PV panels and other renewable projects contribute to the 15% savings?
Once I complete my energy reduction plan am I required to continue with the rest of the program?
Is it a requirement that all energy conservation measures evaluated must be implemented?
Can energy savings from operation & maintenance items be included?
What about electric demand reduction measures (e.g. thermal storage)?
Is the use of Portfolio Manager required?
What effect would a change in operating hours have on the project?
How will the Partner get this when in many cases this goes to corporate management offices?
Will utility release forms be available?
Is it a requirement to meter each piece of equipment?
Can ASHRAE 90.1-2007 be used as the baseline for new construction projects?
What can be included in total project cost?
What if another energy conservation measure is found during the construction phase?
Can the participant choose a different partner after the plan has been submitted and approved?
Some participants may not be able to commit to the Pay for Performance process,
What types of bid and/or construction documents are required?
What types of bid and/or construction documents are required?
If a participant requires a multiple bid process, is the applicant entitled to Incentives #2 and #3?
What happens if the building becomes vacant after the baseline is developed?
What happens if the 15% source energy reduction target is not met after the benchmarking?
Certain programs allow payment in shorter time period if criteria are met, will NJCEP consider this?
Can tax incentives associated with EPACT be applied to a Pay for Performance project?
Do the simulation guidelines require modeling of the actual utility rate tariff?
Can you provide tariff inputs for simulation?
What is the purpose of calibrating the baseline model?
Suppose weather conditions are an anomaly in the post-retrofit year?
Is there a method for ranking the energy conservation measures?
What is the basis of the site to source conversion?
Will site energy need to be converted to source energy units?
Are Incentives #2 and #3 based on site or source energy?
If a building is being brought up to code, will there be any allowance for this in the modeling?
What if achieving 15% savings in my building is impossible?
Water/Waste-Water Treatment
Should I enroll in the Home Performance Program or Pay for Performance Program?
What if my multifamily building consists of multiple garden-style buildings?
Other Frequently Asked Questions